Darling Darcy's First

Such A SWEET LITTLE GIRL, DARCY.  She celebrated her First BirthDay in Style!  The event was beautifully decorated by Angi & Co., every little detail was amazing.  The cake was by Cakes by Christine NY, of course not only beautiful but soooo delicious, I should know I stole a piece :)   The guest really had a great time and showed so much love to this little one!   

Memorial Day Tribute

A tribute to our fallen heroes.  

Coming from a third world country, I appreciate the small things others may not.  Sitting outside of a cafe drinking coffee with jewelry, my kids and my purse by my side.  Being able to walk the streets with my kids any day at any time .  Leaving my car parked in front of my house.  There are so many little things we never think of as a luxury.  As sad as it is, I could never do these things in my country of birth.   So, I appreciate the little things, I appreciate freedom and the ability to just "LIVE" .  

Mother's Day

May 10th and Mother's Day have been very difficult days for me the last 3.5 years.  She used to get mad at us if we didn't remember to celebrate both days.  Guatemalan Mother's day is always May 10 and the American Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May, rarely did they coincide.  Looking back it was a great tradition one that I wish I could still have over and over again.  I miss her.  So remember to enjoy, kiss, hug, tickle, and remember your mom, life is short.