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We can all be a little camera shy. Let me start our introduction here, with a little about me...

As a 7-year old growing up in Guatemala, I remember cherishing the days I spent visiting the operating room with my father, watching him work as a surgeon. My love for medicine was natural. Many years have since passed. After completing medical school and a residency program, I dedicated much of my adult life to being an internal medicine doctor in New York City. 

The science of healing and the challenges of medicine offered me a wonderful sense of gratification; however, I always felt somewhat incomplete. Following the birth of my first baby I found myself always reaching for my camera to capture any and all special moments. It wasn't until then that I realized what had been missing - my creative outlet. 

Soon thereafter, my medical journey paralleled with my journey as a photographer. As a doctor your focus is to try and preserve life; but, you come to know it as being short and temporary. Photography has allowed me to breathe and find a way of eternalizing life. It has allowed my artistry to thrive by creating and capturing life’s fairytale magical moments. 

I am inspired by my free-spirited daughters on a daily basis. Their intensity and passion is the window into the beauty in life. Their infectious laughter is a frequent reminder of my beautiful mother, who passed away a couple years ago. With that loss, I realized that photographs not only capture special, irreplaceable moments in life, but that they are one of life's truest treasures.

Let's imagine, capture and photograph your next special event. 

I specialize in newborn, family, maternity, and event photography.



"I live in my own little world but that's ok, they know me here."